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Professional Development

HPM is a relatively young, rapidly-growing field. As a result, in addition to acquiring clinical expertise HPM physicians must master skills as educators and leaders, as well as skills that maximize psychological resilience. These skills are woven throughout the year, and each specific skillset also has a dedicated day- long retreat for maximal learning and integration.

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  • Medical Education

One of the roles of a fellowship-trained physician is to promote and teach hospice and palliative care to patients, families, community members, colleagues, administrators, medical staff, and peers (EPA 17). Through didactics and mentored experiential learning – including a day-long Teaching Retreat in the fall – fellows become skilled educators over the course of the year.


  • Leadership

Interdisciplinary teamwork is essential to whole-person care, and HPM physicians must participate as a member or leader of an interdisciplinary team (EPA 6). Fellows learn leadership skills throughout the year, culminating in a day-long Leadership Retreat in the spring.

  • Resilience

HPM physicians value and promote resilience and personal well-being for themselves and others as a necessary element for professional success and sustainability (EPA 13). In the course of the fellowship, fellows develop an understanding of their own vulnerabilities for burnout, identify their personal strengths to draw on to cope with the intensity of the clinical work, and learn techniques to maximize resilience. A day-long Resilience Retreat is held in the winter.

Medical Education

  • Communicating Persuasively: How to design and deliver posters to grab your viewer 

  • Grand Rounds Prep 

  • Journal Club 

  • Small Group Teaching

  • How to make slides that your audience will remember

  • Writing Effective Learning Objectives

  • Virtual Teaching

  • Bedside Teaching


  • Recently graduated Fellows' Panel

  • Interprofessionalism

  • Museum-Based Education

  • Stengthsfinder

  • Crafting Your Mission Statement

  • Challenging Predominant Leadership Paradigms

  • Negotiation


  • What makes This Work Different?

  • Museum-Based Education

  • Professional Development Group

  • Mindfulness

  • Positive Psychology

  • Balance Wheel

  • Self-Compassion

Experiential Learning

  • Bereavement support group

  • Mentored bereavement phone calls (Interdisciplinary faculty)

  • Professional Development Group

  • IDT

  • Museum-Based Education

  • Leadership Retreat

  • Fellow-led small group teaching

  • Journal club presentation

  • AAHPM case presentation submission

  • BWH resident teaching retreats

  • Fellow grand rounds presentations

  • Co-visits with team chaplains

  • Weekly remembrance at DFCI/BWH and MGH Memorial services

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